Pow! Episode 3 of The Ultraman Podcast is here!

Get the salt ready because we are gonna be getting up close and personal with Namegon, the giant space slug from Ultra Q. Yeah, we’re gonna talk all about him in this episode as well as review episode 3 of Ultra Q which features our favorite gargantuan gastropod. It’s all here in the third episode of The Ultraman Podcast.


Episode 2 of The Ultraman Podcast is finally here!

Hey folks, I finally recorded and uploaded episode 2 of The Ultraman Podcast earlier today. This time out I talk about the origins of Ultra Q and I also talk a little bit about the 60s “Kaiju Boom” in which the program emerged. Special thanks to listener Chris Clark for sending along a comment about the previous two episodes! The Ultraman Podcast Episode 2

Episode 1 of The Ultraman Podcast is here!!

Hey everyone it finally happened! The Ultraman Podcast is up and running after an agonizing month of prep and discussion. Well, I go for broke and aim to give you the goods witn episode one and whoa! What are we going to talk about for the first round? I’ll recap what it was like being an Ultra Fan in 1980s New England, a time when kaiju stuff was obscure and hard to come by. Yeah! No internet, no VHS tapes or reruns of Ultraman or his sundry brothers. Anti Japanese backlash due to trade bullcrap. Yeah, it was a bummer for a burgeoning Ultrafan circa 1984 America. But things began to change with the release of Godzilla 1985 in US theaters, the Monster King ushered in a new albiet muted era of kaiju fandom and…well.. just listen to the episode and feel free to leave a comment here! Episode 1 of The Ultraman Podcast

An introduction for my currently Unnamed Ultraman podcast.

Greetings, I am filmmaker and podcast host Lawrence Hollie and I am excited to be bringing you my podcast dedicated to all things Ultraman. Yes, Ultraman, the giant hero from Nebula M78 who, along with his brothers, have protected our planet from evil for decades now. This podcast will provide insight into the conception and production of the franchise, episode reviews and interviews with folks of import within the tokusatsu world who have studied and even worked at Tsuburaya Productions, the company that owns Ultraman. The first episode will be available here on April 2, 2018, so be sure to return here for new developments and the debut!