Episode 1 of The Ultraman Podcast is here!!

Hey everyone it finally happened! The Ultraman Podcast is up and running after an agonizing month of prep and discussion. Well, I go for broke and aim to give you the goods witn episode one and whoa! What are we going to talk about for the first round? I’ll recap what it was like being an Ultra Fan in 1980s New England, a time when kaiju stuff was obscure and hard to come by. Yeah! No internet, no VHS tapes or reruns of Ultraman or his sundry brothers. Anti Japanese backlash due to trade bullcrap. Yeah, it was a bummer for a burgeoning Ultrafan circa 1984 America. But things began to change with the release of Godzilla 1985 in US theaters, the Monster King ushered in a new albiet muted era of kaiju fandom and…well.. just listen to the episode and feel free to leave a comment here! Episode 1 of The Ultraman Podcast

One thought on “Episode 1 of The Ultraman Podcast is here!!”

  1. Really enjoyed the first two episodes and can relate to much of what you said, and I found your pacing easy to follow. Didn’t see this comment option so I sent you a tweet asking when your next podcast will probably be..

    Anyways I’m 37 and I share some of your same perspectives on the pop culture of the era, (although regarding kaiju and tokusatsu I was only aware of Godzilla, VRTroopers, Power Rangers, and a handful of old alien/monster movies) ..It wasnt untill reading Ready Player One that I learned about Ultraman (which is 10x better than the movie for many complex reasons but most importantly it included more details regarding Ultraman and Daito/Shoto’s involvement helping Wade translate the entire series experienced as a 360 recreation of the episodes).

    I am already a huge fan of Anime having watched thousands of episodes and dozens of series, so discovering tokusatsu in general and Ultraman feels like im filling a hole I wasnt aware I even had and am closer to my goal of mastering all things geek. I found your initial podcasts both informative and entertaining, and am looking forward to the next but of course theres no pressure meant to be implied. Whenever it appears will be an appreciated as a voluntarily post for community service. Good job bro.


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