Episode 2 of The Ultraman Podcast is finally here!

Hey folks, I finally recorded and uploaded episode 2 of The Ultraman Podcast earlier today. This time out I talk about the origins of Ultra Q and I also talk a little bit about the 60s “Kaiju Boom” in which the program emerged. Special thanks to listener Chris Clark for sending along a comment about the previous two episodes! The Ultraman Podcast Episode 2

One thought on “Episode 2 of The Ultraman Podcast is finally here!”

  1. Wow! Another unexpectedly awesome episode. To be honest I had low expectations regarding my interest in Ultra Q compared to the rest of the Ultra franchise.

    There does seem to be merit in watching Ultra Q, and besides the monsters you mentioned the internet confirms theres a handful of other monsters which make future series appearances as well.. And thanks to you I added the 13 episodes of Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy to my collection, as well as the Ultra Q Movie: Legend from the Stars which appears to have a decent budget.

    I initially decided to skip Ultra Q after watching a bad review on Youtube, which included some poor quality monster scenes out of context.. However your podcast has sparked my interest in it 100% ..While you were cleverly describing the various monsters, I was following along on a wiki devoted to Ultraman found http://ultra.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Ultra_Kaiju which has a nicely divided list of monsters along with cross reference to however many shows or series they’ve been in.

    I’m assuming this is a monthly podcast now, which is fine because it gives me time to actually watch the countless hours of content related to the series. I downloaded the ENTIRE huge series already from 66 to present, but ive only had time to watch up to Ultra Seven, plus the 1993 remake of the original Ultraman show “Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero” .

    By the time your next episode appears, I should be done with the next couple of Ultraman series after Seven “The Return of Ultraman, 1971-72” and “Ultraman Ace” .Plus I’ll be done with Ultra Q, Dark Fantasy, and the movie. Thanks again keep up the good work!


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