Pow! Episode 3 of The Ultraman Podcast is here!

Get the salt ready because we are gonna be getting up close and personal with Namegon, the giant space slug from Ultra Q. Yeah, we’re gonna talk all about him in this episode as well as review episode 3 of Ultra Q which features our favorite gargantuan gastropod. It’s all here in the third episode of The Ultraman Podcast.


One thought on “Pow! Episode 3 of The Ultraman Podcast is here!”

  1. Another informative episode thanks!
    It was entertaining hearing you watch an episode with your added commentary, and I liked that you included logistical details about slugs in general… Also, I plan on watching Kolchak The Nightstalker thanks to your recommendation.

    I already watched episode three with the Namegon monster, but you helped make it clear that it was the first space invader and killer of humans. I also decided to skip ahead and watch the 2009 movie you mentioned, “Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy” since Namegon is apart of that.

    You made an interesting point about the type of baddies shown in Ultra.
    Contrary to Godzilla which mainly just had prehistoric dinosaurs, instead Ultra tended to have more bizarre aliens or mutated regular creatures. The plots tended to be fairly predictable but the monsters in Ultraman really played with the imagination!

    Anyways, no pressure on posting these regularly.
    Im just happy that I can expect you to eventually post more when its convenient…

    By the way, I was wondering if you would consider posting this sort of stuff on your Youtube channels or if you would make a new channel. I noticed your Vampire Obscura Project and Lawrence Hollie channels uploaded a bit of new content last month after nearly a year break, so maybe you can post some ultraman stuff there too?

    Was thinking that this podcast is probably very hard to find, but Youtube will suddenly start recommending your channel if it has more consistent activity or sub count.


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